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Welcome to Elle Potential, A women’s empowerment brand that passionately helps women elevate their lives by pivoting away from doubt and underestimation by stepping into their power and channeling their inner Elle “She” potential.

 As you know, when you start to step in the direction of expansion, we quickly feel the growing pains from the misalignment of our current environments.  I started this podcast because I want other women to know that it is possible to push past the doubt and underestimation.  I passionately believe that women need to know that the challenges they face in their current environments are SO small when you view the world through a lens that is true-to-size.  We know that there are 7.8 billion people in the world, so these challenges in our environments are so small when you look at it big picture. What makes my podcast interesting is that it’s meant to serve as a platform to inspire, encourage, and empower those who are ready to take the leap and step into their power.


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